Monument Knowledge

A monument is a symbol that reflects the life of a loved one and the wonderful effects they have. Choosing the right monument is an important part of assuring that your loved one will be remembered for the right reasons. There are many different options to memorialize and celebrate the accomplishments of your loved ones and create the ideal monument to their life. Each monument is made and handled with proper attention to the desires and needs of each customer. A representative will meet with you to discuss how to choose your monument and why a monument can be a beautiful choice to remember a life.


Once the design is chosen, a stencil is crafted to the exact specifications. First, the stone is sandblasted, which gives the designer control to make the monument look flawless. Symbols, Emblems, and words can be etched into the stone to personalize. Also, different textures and finishes allow the customer to have choices for how the monument will look. Next, the stencil is removed and the monument is cleaned. Finally, the monument is sent to the cemetery for a magnificent addition to a loved one's final resting place.


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"The quality service from Legacy Monument made me feel much better about the selection of the right memorial for my wonderful wife. She was my everything, and

I wanted to be sure she was remembered the right way. Now, my children and grandchildren, and their children, will be able to visit her and I know that they will never forget the unique and graceful qualities she embodied."



Making the right choice

Legacy Monument is your best choice for the commemoration of your loved one because we care about your choices and your process of losing a loved one. We know that choosing a monument can be a difficult decision at a difficult time in your life, but our service puts you at ease. We have a multitude of choices that can be the best way to show that you care and want to remember a special person. We realize that each person has a unique personality, and this should be commemorated even after death. A variety of symbols and emblems are a great way for your loved one to be remembered for generations to come. We know that your loss is an intense and painful experience and we assure that our your mind will be put at ease about the monument selection process.


The loss of a loved one can be a painful and complicated process. A Legacy Monument Design representative can meet with you to help you select the monument that best suits the personality of your loved one. Each style and embellishment cost different amounts and the best way to determine a price is to meet with a representative.

Legacy makes installation easy

Installation can take from 4  to 6 weeks, depending on the style, symbols, emblems, words and phrases, and size of the monument. Creating the perfect monument takes time and great care. Because the craftsmanship at Legacy Monument is of the utmost quality, it may take some time to assure that the monument you choose will be perfectly recreated.